Building Lawns through Sodding

A house with a beautiful lawn always stands out in the neighborhood. There’s no doubt that a well-manicured green lawn adds tremendous value to a home. If you’re thinking of installing a lawn, consider sodding. It’s a much simpler way of getting the same effect without the hassle.

Sod Tampa

If you’re thinking of laying sod on your lawn, you have to make sure that you know the basics of the process at the very least. Otherwise, you might not get the effect that you wanted. Whether you choose to lay sod or install grass seeds yourself, you still need to get some work done.

Get to Know Your Grass

There are certain choices of grass available to you when sodding. Some of the most popular options would be Bermuda, zoysia, centipede, and St. Augustine grasses. All of these are grasses that thrive during the warmer seasons. While they’re commonly sold in sods, they may come in sprigs and plugs as well. Do note though, that not all of these grasses are suitable for every lawn.

The Bermuda grass, for example, is fairly tolerant of droughts. They require less frequent watering even if it is the dry season. However, it needs the full rays of the sun. Without it, it can’t grow. Bermuda grass isn’t advisable for installation on shady lawns. If you want a grass that requires the least amount of water and sun, then your best choice is the St. Augustine grass. However, it is also the one most prone to cold. So if you live in the colder regions, you shouldn’t even consider installing it.

When to Install Sod

The best thing about sod is that you can install it all year round. No need to wait for spring or fall to get things done. Grasses normally have to be planted during the warm season. That’s the most ideal condition for them to develop their roots well and resist the cold wave of winter.

Planting during the months of May or June is ideal as well as those are considered as the rainy season. Grass needs rain in order to thrive. That goes without saying that you need to install proper irrigation in your lawn.

Prepare for Sodding

As much as sodding is the simpler way to making your lawn green and beautiful, you can’t just lay it on the ground without prior preparation. First thing’s first, you have to make sure that the entire area is free of any debris. Then, you have to water the soil to moisten it quite well. Do this task to two days prior to sod installation. You want moist soil, not a muddy one.

Be sure to lay the sod as soon as it arrives. The longer you keep it waiting, the more it deteriorates. Once you get everything installed, water the entire area thoroughly. The soil should be moist up to six inches deep. Then you have to irrigate your lawn every day to make sure that the sod gets well-rooted on the ground. Only then you can make some adjustments.

Hire the Experts

If you want to get the best possible results for your lawn, it is strongly advised that you hire professionals who are experts in handling sod Tampa. They should be more than happy to help you build the nicest lawn in your neighborhood. Regardless of which choice you made, they must have the education, training, resources, products, and services that would take you closer to your goals.

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